SHINE-ON No Wipe Top Gloss

Unlock the secret to wet-looking nail colour with our extraordinary Shine-On Top Gloss. Our unique formulation  transcends ordinary expectations, delivering a flawless and shatterproof shine with the brilliance of a mirror-like finish. Best of all, Shine-On cures to a tack-free finish, eliminating the need to wipe. 

Like all our gels, Shine-on is 100% pure gel, solvent free, and made from top quality European and North American ingredients.

• Can be applied over any cured gel as a protective coat
• Adds brilliant shine without yellowing over time
• Works with any gel or acrylic
• LED 30 sec. cure / UV 2 min. cure

• Professional-Only Product
• Easy to apply "polish" format
• 100% Pure Gel, no solvents
• Formulated & Made in Canada.

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