Akzentz is always releasing new and featured nail products and they're sure to impress! Inspired by the latest nail styles, our new products are designed to support your skills and creativity to help you create amazing nails.



Gel Play Lace Collection

Available Soon.

Introducing The Lace Collection. This brand new collection for Gel Play features Lace White, Lace Pink and Lace Black.

Contact your distributor for the release date.  Can't find a distributor? Please fill out the contact form and we'll be happy to help you find one.

Options Tokyo Collection

Available Now.

Launch into Fall with our new Options Tokyo Collection! Introducing 3 new shades; Glass White, Aurora Pearl and Imperial Red.

Luxio Atelier Collection

Available Now.

Introducing The Atelier Collection. This brand new collection for Luxio features 6 Haute Couture Inspired Shades; Elle, Cashmere, Vert, Bespoke, Muse and Vamp.

Balance Foundation

Available Now.

Introducing Pro-Formance Balance Foundation.  Design beautiful enhancements, and extend the nail bed with this brand new full coverage hard gel. Balance Foundation is available in Blush, Pink, and Nude


Available Now.

UV/LED Universal Bonding Gel X-Bond is designed to provide the Ultimate Bond. Compatible with all of your favorite Akzentz Gel lines.

Gel Play Glitz Gem Collection

Available Now.

Introducing 6 new additions to the Gel Play Glitz series, Pink Diamond, Purple Garnet, Yellow Citrine, Green Peridot, Blue Tanzanite and Pewter Quartz. These luxurious, super saturated foil glitter gels glide on in a single effortless coat with an even, smooth texture.

Options Retro Collection

Available Now.

Vintage is always in style with the brand new Options Retro Collection

Options Retro features an array of classic and playful colours: Truly Blue, Lacey Grey, Ivory Kisses, Just Peachy, Sun Dance and Crazy Daisy.



Available Now.

Skip a step or two when using Pearlescent Powder with this brand new One Coat No Wipe Colour.

  • Prep nails as usual.
  • Apply over nail enhancements (Soft Gel or Hard Gel).
  • Apply one coat of Black-On or White-On.  Cures to a glossy, no wipe finish.
  • Apply Pearlescent Powder of choice.
  • Apply Shine-On to seal in the Pearlescent Powder, and cure.
  • For a more vibrant finish, repeat steps 4 & 5.

The difference is like night and day.

Luxio Flirty Collection

Available Now.

Turn Up the Heat with the Brand New Luxio Flirty Collection

Luxio Flirty features a vibrant and seductive range of colours: Wink, Daring, Sassy, Cheeky, Flirt, & Coy.

Luxio Build

Available now.

Create Strength & Beauty with Luxio Build.

Luxio Build is a Luxio specialty coat intended to give strength and beauty to natural nail overlays.

This brush on gel in a polish bottle provides easy application for flawless results.

Designed to create perfect shape, add strength to thin natural nails, and achieve a beautiful line of light.

Now you can create a beautiful arch, fill in ridges and gaps, fix corner breaks, and achieve picture-perfect shape with one product.

Create beautiful nail overlays by using Luxio Build after Luxio Base, then apply your favorite Luxio Colour.

Not intended for nail extensions or to use as a substitute for sculpting nail extensions.

Gel Play Glitter Shifter Mermaid Collection

Available now.

Dive in with the Akzentz Glitter Shifter Mermaid Collection

The Mermaid Collection features: Orca Blue, Tidal Teal, Pink Cove, Purple Sirene, Green Sea, and Coral Reef.

These beautiful shifters are designed to change tone depending on the base colour you use.

Wear them alone for a gorgeous shifting shimmer or over your favorite colour to add the ultimate glimmer.


Gel Play Glitz: The Gold Leaf Series

Available now.

Glitter Like Never Before with the Gel Play Glitz Gold Leaf Series 

Gel Play Glitz features The Gold Leaf Series: 24K Gold Leaf, White Gold Leaf and Rose Gold Leaf.

Glitz gels are specially formulated to allow for a smooth application.

  • Glitter lays flat to reflect the most amount of light resulting in a foil like effect. 
  • Glitz is a super saturated full coverage glitter.

Sparkle this season with Gel Play Glitz.

Gel Play Pearlescent Powder

Available now.

Create the Ultimate Luster with Akzentz Gel Play Pearlescent Powder

Pearlescent Powder features: Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire, Copper, Silver and Gold. Add a lustrous sheen to Gel Enhancements in 4 simple steps:

  • Apply 2 coats of Luxio Nightfall curing between coats.
  • Apply Shine On and cure.
  • Rub in Pearlescent Powder.
  • Apply Shine and cure. Wipe nail with Prep & Wipe to remove any remaining powder.

For a more intense sheen repeat steps 3 and 4. Pearlescent Powder works best over enhancements. Change up the effect by choosing a different base colour.

Options Capture Collection

Available now.

Ensnare the Senses with the Akzentz Options Capture Collection

The Options Capture Collection features: Eternal Blush, Royal Onyx, Rich Espresso, Blue Eclipse, Celestial Orchid, and Lunar Grey.

Gel Play Spring Summer 2016 Series

Available now.

Add a Pop to your Nail Art with these 4 Vibrant Gel Play Paints and 2 Shimmering Gel Play Glitters.

Expand your Akzentz Art Palette with the Gel Play Spring Summer 2016 Series featuring: Glitter Icy Violet , Glitter Snow Blue, Paint Titanium White, Paint Sun Yellow, Paint Flame Red and Paint Lime Green

Akzentz Hybrid Pro

Available now.

One Lamp to Cure all of your Akzentz Gels.

The Hybrid Pro features LED technology that cures both UV and LED gels by the touch of a button.

The Hybrid Pro cures LED gels in 30 second and cures Akzentz UV gels in an astonishing 60 seconds! That’s half the time of other conventional UV lamps!

No need to switch any settings, just simply choose the correct length of time. Best of all, there are no replacement bulbs needed.

The Hybrid Pro saves both time and money.

One Lamp, two cures.

-Only from Akzentz.

Options Crystal Clear

Available now.

Crystal Clear Strength. Crystal Clear Finish.

Options Soak Off UV/LED Crystal Clear is the latest gel in the Options Collection; designed for use as a gloss finish, or used to build strength in extensions and sculpted nails. In addition to our original Options Clear, Options Crystal Clear will provide nail technicians superior durability and stain resistance with a long-lasting high gloss shine that maintains clarity.
From gel nail enhancement to the ultimate manicure or pedicure, Options delivers strength, flawless results and long lasting wear. Professionally applied by using a gel brush for the precision and control you desire.

Nails Perfected - Only from Akzentz.

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