Pro-Formance By Akzéntz is a revolutionary Hard Gel sculpturing system, which allows for the strongest and most durable nail enhancements. A variety of viscosities and shades provide nail technicians with the ability to create anything from completely natural-looking nails, all the way to competition style designs and extreme lengths. Pro-Formance gels are designed to provide both durable and long-lasting extenions, while protecting and maintaining the health of the natural nails.


Akzéntz Exclusive Diamond Strength Technology (D.S.T) has industry leading molecular cross-linking, which creates the strongest and most durable bonds – resulting in a diamond-like rigidity.


Effortlessly create thin, beautiful nail extensions for any client. A wide range of viscosities, functions, and shades to not only suit the nail artists’ preferences, but also allow for a tailored service for the individual needs of any clients lifestyle.

“Pro-Formance combines extreme strength and durability while remaining odourless and gentle on the natural nails.

– Allyssa, Akzéntz R&D Manager


The precision of our Pro-Formance® sculpturing system is beautifully exemplified by our distinctive metal containers, reflecting our meticulous attention to detail.

Designed for Akzéntz, our jars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance usability and comfort. Despite the higher cost, we choose solid ceramic liners for their durability, UV resistance, and ease of cleaning. The softly contoured lid ensures effortless opening, even when wearing gloves.

Such thoughtful packaging details mirror the care we put into our formulas and ingredients.


About the gels within our Pro-Formance system. Most gels are available in a range of colours.