Akzéntz offers several gel colour systems designed to meet the needs and preferences of both the client and nail artists.


Three versatile sculpturing systems. Luxio® Build for easy overlays and quick extensions, Options Builder for natural and easily removed extensions, and Pro-Formance, our signature Hard Gel for the most durable and customizable system for classic sculpturing.


Akzéntz specialty gels are a series of universal products designed to flawlessly integrate with all of our gel systems, offering expanded versatility and the ability to customize your services depending on your clients’ specific needs and your application preferences. Speciality gels include our award-winning Shine-On No wipe Top Gloss and X-Bond our universal bonding gel.


Essential products and tools used in the application of all Akzéntz Gel systems. The Akzéntz basics provide the foundation for a quality nail service and dependable results. Brushes, implements, solutions, curing lamps and more.