the autumn of 1984, Sandra Haigh opened a nail salon, ‘Accent on Nails’, with unwavering determination and her life savings as an investment. However, amidst the joy of creating her new business, a sudden setback struck on Christmas Day that very year. An unexpected eviction notice arrived, demanding her salon’s departure from the premises due to a neighbour’s complaint about the odour emanating from the Acrylic nail product Sandra used in her nail services.

Rather than succumbing to defeat, Sandra’s indomitable spirit took charge. Fuelled by her passion for innovation and an unyielding belief in her vision, she set out to overcome this challenge. Sandra began contacting chemists across the country, seeking their collaboration in crafting a revolutionary nail product that would be entirely odourles


Despite a looming eviction, Sandra tirelessly poured all resources and profits into developing a new product to save her salon. Her resilience paid off as early prototypes of the odourless nail product were ready just in time. This not only saved her business but also created a new opportunity. Recognizing that other nail technicians faced similar challenges, Sandra decided to market the product to the wider industry, leading to the birth of Haigh Industries and eventually the Akzéntz brand.

Sandra Haigh’s legacy lives on through Akzéntz, a brand that began with a visionary entrepreneur and grew into a leader in the nail care industry. Each year, Akzéntz embraces new challenges and opportunities, continuing to make a significant impact on beauty and self-expression.