Akzéntz has grown into a world renowned brand associated with excellence, cutting-edge research, and meticulous product standards.

We produce every gel product in-house. This allows us to maintain control over every aspect of our production – ensuring consistency in our products and an exacting standard of excellence.


Our team of Chemists and Chemical engineers follow not only embrace of tagline of ‘Nails Perfected’ when creating and developing products that wear our name, but they follow our set of 7 strict rules. These guiding principles, etched in the very fabric of our Laboratory’s ethos steer each member in their pursuit of crafting cutting-edge technologies and innovations.


Building on Over 30 Years of Excellence: Our brand stands as a beacon of stability and reliability, earning the trust of nail professionals worldwide with our proven track record of success in the industry.

At Akzéntz, we are committed to continuous growth and exploring new possibilities. Stay ahead of the curve with our groundbreaking products that are developed using the latest scientific research, cutting-edge nail technology and client, and technician focused health and safety.